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Oat-some Omega Oat Milk (Calcium Enriched) + Kuro Black Sesame Spread

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Oat-some Omega Oat Milk (Calcium Enriched) + Kuro Black Sesame Spread

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Retail : RM 81
Member : RM 38.9 (Save 51%)
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About This Product

Oat-some Omega Oat Milk (600g)
Creamy, plant-based and dairy-free, oat milk is one of the rising stars of the alternative milk world and it really is no surprise. Well, why drain your wallet for expensive oat milks when you can whip up a deliciously rich and creamy glassful right in the comfort of your own home? On top of oats being a natural source of beta glucan and omega fatty acids, our Oat-some Omega Oat Milk is made even more nutritious with an upgraded oat milk formulation and the addition of seaweed-derived calcium as well as phytosterols for that extra boost of plant-based oaty goodness. You can be sure that each sip is going to be oat of this world amazing because only the finest whole oats make it into our oat milk, so give dairy a time out because there’s a l-oat to love about our Oat-some Omega Oat Milk!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Oat Powder, Beta-Glucan, Soy Protein, Seaweed Calcium, Inulin, Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS), Lipophytol, INNOBIO®️ Flaxseed Oil Powder, Soy Lecithin, Flaxseed, Lutein.

Allergy Information

Kuro Black Sesame Spread (100g)
Small but mighty, black sesame seeds hide a wealth of health benefits in their inky depths. Often prescribed as an old-wives remedy to promote the growth of healthy dark hair, its smoky, toasty flavour and nutty aroma also make it a favourite of individuals who have peanut allergies as the taste is remarkably similar. However, its benefits don’t stop there. Black sesame seeds are a great source of fibre, plant-based protein, heart-healthy fats, antioxidants, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc - a rather impressive list that doesn’t just help you get a lustrous mane, but also prevents constipation, improves gut health, fortifies your bones, lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation.
If grinding your own black sesame seeds into a paste seems too painstaking a process, then our Kuro Black Sesame Spread is the answer to your prayers. A silky-smooth spread from finely ground roasted black sesame seeds and lightly sweetened with brown sugar, its luxurious nutty, earthy flavour complements a variety of foods. Incorporate it into soymilk, spread it on bread and other baked goods, top your breakfast oats with it, the possibilities are endless.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Roasted Black Sesame, Brown Sugar.

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Oat-some Omega Oat Milk (Calcium Enriched) + Kuro Black Sesame Spread (2 items)
RM 38.90 RM 81.00
Out Of Stock