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Premium Dried Blueberry

Signature Market

Premium Dried Blueberry

Selling : RM 29 (Save 27%)

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About This Product

You may have seen them in cookies, pastries, sauces or jams, but blueberries are more than just sweet berries that impart their gorgeous bluish-purple hues to other foods. Rich in the flavonoid anthocyanin, vitamin A, C and K as well as iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc, blueberries are tiny but delicious nutrient powerhouses. While getting fresh blueberries may prove elusive, our Premium Dried Blueberries are always there for you. Picked when fully ripe to ensure they contain the optimal level of nutrients and retain their sweetness, our non-GMO blueberries are then dried naturally to allow their flavours to concentrate into each tasty bite. Add a pack or two to your cart today and enjoy the convenience of and health benefits of our Premium Dried Blueberries!

Country of Origin: USA

Blueberry, Cane Sugar, Sunflower Oil.

Allergy Information
Individuals who use blood-thinners should consult their doctor before increasing their intake of blueberries, as the high vitamin K content can affect blood clotting.

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Premium Dried Blueberry (200g)
RM 29.00
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