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Dried Strawberries

Signature Market

Dried Strawberries

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About this product
Country of Origin: China

Produced from high quality strawberries from China & processed with natural drying. The Signature Market Dried Strawberries provides you the original & natural taste of dried strawberries in a healthy way. Enjoy our delicious dried strawberries as snacks or sweet treats.

✔ Non-GMO
✔ Natural Taste
✔ Vegetarian

Did You Know?
Roses are red, and so are strawberries. Red is not only a sexy color, some red foods are delicious and really good for you and the love of your life. The rich amounts of vitamin C and Antioxidant found in strawberries aid to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Not only that, dried fruits are actually loaded with micronutrients, fibers and minerals. Flavonoids which are responsible for the color and flavor of strawberries helps to lower the risk for heart disease. Hurry and grab yours today!

Healthy Options to Enjoy
1.Top Your Cereal or Yogurt.
-Top on cereal or oatmeal with a handful of Dried Strawberries. It works well with low fat yogurt and cottage cheese, too.
2. Add flavor to Your Trail Mix
-Trail Mix would not be the same with Dried Strawberries. Enjoy the healthy & natural savoury by adding dried strawberries into your trail mix.
3. Healthy Snack Choice
-Substitute unhealthy snacks with Signature Market Dried Strawberries as a healthier choice.

Dried Strawberry.

Keep in cool and dry place.
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