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Dried Pomelo Rind (With Pith)

Signature Market

Dried Pomelo Rind (With Pith)

Retail : RM 22
Member : RM 8 (Save 64%)
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About This Product

Pomelos with their juicy jewel-like pale pink or translucent segments aren’t just a delight for your senses when they explode with sweet, tangy flavours in your mouth. They’re also amazing sources of vitamin C and folic acid. Like most of its citrus brethren, pomelo rinds can also be eaten but here’s a surprising fact: those white papery membrane bits of pith that you usually strip away are actually good for you. Citrus pith contains a concentrated amount of the fruit’s nutrients and despite its slight bitterness on the palate, with some citrus piths packing up to 6 times the amount of vitamin C found in the fruit flesh itself. Armed with this knowledge, Signature Market has decided to package a local dried fruit treat in a new way that incorporates the pith and thus our Dried Pomelo Rind (With Pith) was created. Sweet and tangy with a deliciously refreshing fragrance of pomelos, it’s a great way to consume more nutrients without sacrificing your taste buds.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Pomelo Peel, Sugar.

Allergy Information

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Lim M C from Petaling Jaya, Selangor | Posted 5 months ago


Soft and sweet

Soft, tangy and sweet than expected. Nice to eat after meal.

Dried Pomelo Rind (With Pith) (80g)
RM 8.00 RM 22.00
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