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Real Broccoli Crisps

Signature Market

Real Broccoli Crisps

Selling : RM 18 (Save 24%)

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No Longer Available

Crunchy, 100% Natural

about this snack
A lot of vegetables are made into chips these days, one growing trend is the use of broccoli.
But just like conventional chips sold these days, the broccoli chips you see at your local supermarket are most likely loaded with artificial preservatives and trans fat. We found this to be a waste of good broccoli, because it’s one of the healthiest vegetables around.
Instead of purchasing commercially manufactured broccoli chips, why not get it from us? Signature Snack is using the real broccoli with dehydrated under low temperature & vacuum environment using VF technology.

Most nutrients, natural colour and original flavour of Broccoli are preserved! Eat your veggies anywhere, anytime as you like! Delicious the way it is!
100% Real Broccoli
Nutritious, Crispy, Delicious
NON preservatives
NON artificial additives

Broccoli, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Maltose.

*Store in a cool and dry place.

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Real Broccoli Crisps (80g)
RM 18.00
No Longer Available