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Chilli Lemon Millet Cassava Chips

Signature Market

Chilli Lemon Millet Cassava Chips

Retail : RM 22
Member : RM 12 (Save 45%)
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About This Product

Had enough of potato and corn-based chips? Looking for something with more oomph both flavour- and nutrition-wise? Hold on tight to your taste buds, because they’re in for a wild ride! We’re coming in hot with our Chilli Lemon Millet Cassava Chips, a perfect balance of heat and acidity with a dash of savouriness. Made from a special blend of millet and cassava flour, this crispy coin-sized snack is fried to golden perfection and generously dusted with natural freeze-dried lemon powder and aromatic spices to stimulate your palate like never before with a flavour profile that extends beyond just tangy. What’s better than a finger-licking good bag of chips? One that’s 100% real! Real flavours made from real ingredients, real spices and seasonings - in fact, our recipe contains absolutely no MSG, flavouring or colouring, just all-natural deliciousness.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Cassava Flour, Millet Flour, Palm Oil, Curry Powder, Chilli Powder, Freeze Dried Lemon Powder, Lime Powder, Spices, Salt, Sugar.

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Chilli Lemon Millet Cassava Chips (180g)
RM 12.00 RM 22.00
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