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Tropical Fruit Muesli

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Tropical Fruit Muesli

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About This Product

No time for a tropical holiday? Dive into a bowl of our Tropical Fruit Muesli and let your taste buds be taken away on a sunshiny tropical journey! This oat, nut, seed and dried fruit blend contains a chewy combo of dried Thai mango and orange peel bits for a gourmet muesli experience. This muesli also includes a healthy helping of chia seeds, a superfood known for its antioxidant properties and omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and protein content. Easy to prepare and a powerhouse of healthy carbs, fibre and good fats, this cholesterol-free and trans-fat free muesli is a great go-to breakfast for a bright and fun way to kickstart your day.
Muesli is often likened to granola, but there’s actually a minor difference between the two as muesli is typically the more natural and healthier option with less sugar content and a shorter baking process to retain more nutrients. By choosing muesli as your go-to breakfast, you’re choosing to avoid eating a more fattening or sugary option and thus saving your waistline. Muesli is also easy to prepare and versatile enough to be served hot or cold. Just incorporate it into your meal as an overnight oat base that can be eaten cold or warm.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

What Does This Taste Like?
Natural sweetness of mango and orange peel with a soft and chewy texture.

Health Benefits
1. Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, A and K which help maintain a strong immune system, promotes iron absorption and helps the body’s white blood cells work more effectively. They also contain magnesium and potassium which helps relax blood vessels, promoting lower blood pressure levels.
2. Mangoes are packed with antioxidants that protect cells against free radical damage which cause aging and chronic diseases. They also contain a group of digestive enzymes called amylase that can break down complex carbs into sugars. Its high fibre also aid in solving digestive issues such as constipation.
3. Orange peels are rich in fibre, vitamin C and polyphenols. 1 tablespoon of orange peels provides up to 14% of your Daily Value (DV) of vitamin C which amounts to more than 3 times the vitamin C content of the flesh of the fruit. Orange peels also contain significant amounts of provitamin A, folate, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6 and calcium.
4. Chia seeds are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, antioxidants, iron and calcium. Chia seeds offer a golden ratio of 3:1 in terms of Omega-3 to Omega-6. They help replenish the Omega-3 content our body lacks which is essential for preventing inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.
5. Oats contain a soluble fibre called Beta-Glucan that helps control cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure levels and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
6. Oats contain high levels of antioxidant avenanthramides which help dilate blood vessels leading to better blood flow.
7. Oats and chia seeds can help to improve blood sugar control while promoting growth of good bacteria in the gut. Due to their fibre-rich properties, they may also help relieve constipation. They’re both very filling and promote satiety to help you lose weight.
8. Almonds contain the highest calcium content when compared to other nuts. Almonds are also high in fibre, vitamin E and magnesium.

Usage Directions
Open packet and consume.

How To Consume
1. Add to a bowl of milk/yoghurt and fresh fruit for a healthy snack.
2. For a softer and more oatmeal-like muesli, add hot water/desired hot beverage to muesli and allow it to soak for 5 minutes before serving.
3. Suitable for use in overnight oats. Simply replace oats with muesli and allow to soak overnight before serving for a richer flavour.

Organic Regular Oat, Organic Quick Rolled Oat, Almond, Thai Dried Mango, Orange Peel, Pumpkin Seed, Chia Seed, Cashew Nut.

Allergy Information
Contains nut products.

Storage Instructions
Store in an airtight container or in its original resealable bag to maintain freshness. Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat.

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