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Sweet By Nature Muesli

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Sweet By Nature Muesli

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About This Product

Relish the sweetness of nature’s bounty in our Sweet By Nature Muesli featuring the all-natural sweetness of dried apricots, black jumbo raisins and exotic Arabian figs! Craving something sweet for breakfast? Instead of sugary breakfast cereals, opt for a fun, fruity, trans-fat-free, cholesterol-free and naturally sweetened muesli made from nutritious ingredients instead!
Mueslis are considered the healthier alternative due to the fact that they contain no added sugars and contain plenty of fibre in the form of whole grains and nuts for better digestion. Our Sweet By Nature Muesli contains two varieties of oats which makes it rich in beta-glucan, an essential component for maintaining a healthy heart and cholesterol levels. Nuts and chia seeds also deliver a helping of healthy fats and omega-3. The balanced combination of protein, fibre and carbohydrates provides you with an energy boost and simultaneously helps increase satiety to keep you energised and full throughout your day.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Organic Regular Oat, Organic Rolled Oat, Dried Apricot, Black Jumbo Raisin, Almond, Dried Fig, Chia Seed.

Allergy Information
Contains nut products.

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Sweet By Nature Muesli (350g)
RM 18.00
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