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Penang Dried Shrimp Instant Ramen

Signature Market

Penang Dried Shrimp Instant Ramen

(100g x 3 packs)
Retail : RM 25
Member : RM 14.9 (Save 40%)
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About This Product

Dried shrimp paste is a common ingredient in hawker cuisine, with many attempting to imitate the natural umami flavours with MSG, seasonings and more. But why go for a substitute when our Penang Dried Shrimp Instant Ramen takes just 5 minutes of your time? Created with the goal of delivering the authentic flavours and deliciousness of kan lao mien, our dry shrimp chilli paste is made with only premium, all-natural ingredients such as fresh seafood, spices and aromatics - no artificial flavourings, preservatives or MSG here. To top off the whole experience is our equally outstanding oven-dried noodles, the ultimate flavour vessel, made with the freshest ingredients and reduced oil content. Chewy, springy with a firm bite even after being lavishly smothered in the rich sauce, our Penang Dried Shrimp Instant Ramen is here to prove that instant noodles can indeed be healthier!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Noodles: Wheat, Corn Starch, Salt.
Paste: Onion, Palm Oil, Shrimp, Sugar, Salt, Chilli Spices.

Allergy Information
Contains seafood products.

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Kyu* Q S from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah | Posted 2 weeks ago



味道不错 不会辣 特别香

Penang Dried Shrimp Instant Ramen (100g x 3 packs)
RM 14.90 RM 25.00
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