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Signature Market

Creamy White Curry Instant Vermicelli

(90g x 4 sachets)

Retail: RM 20

Member : RM 14.9 (Save 25%)

About This Product

Considered a comfort food by many, white curry vermicelli is a hawker stall staple that never fails to delight with its thin noodles submerged in a creamy, savoury broth that’s bursting with rich umami flavours. Typically topped with pillowy tofu puffs, fresh prawns and some leafy greens, white curry noodles is a simple yet satisfying meal when done right - but there’s a catch. Most hawker stall variations of it include rather generous amounts of MSG and salt that will leave you feeling thirsty and bloated, which is why at Signature Market you won’t find any of that. What you’ll find is a 5-star dish of wholesome rice vermicelli soaked in a mouth-watering soup comprising real seafood extract that’s made with dehydrated seafood and aromatics for a pure seafood seasoning powder that’s teeming with oceanic flavours. Indulge in a healthier bowl of instant noodles today with our Creamy White Curry Instant Vermicelli!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Rice Vermicelli: Rice, Tapioca Starch, Lactic Acid, Sodium Tripolyphosphate.
Paste: Palm Oil, Garlic, Onions, Shrimp Paste, Spices, Chillies, Salt.
Seasoning: Sugar, Mushroom Seasoning, E635, Shrimp, Anchovies, Salt, Garlic, White Pepper, Non-Dairy Creamer.

Allergy Information
Contains soy, fish and crustaceans.

3.9 out of 5

8 reviews

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ire** e from butterworth, Penang

Posted 4 months ago

verified purchase

Not bad

Not bad


Posted 1 year ago

It’s amazing

I love the flavour.. Just nice hint of spicy.. the curry is flavourful.. easy to cook, can be adding lots of ingredients.. love it 😍

Jun* G from Subang Jaya, Selangor

Posted 1 year ago

verified purchase

Too spicy even for a spice lover

Would've been better if they turned down the heat a little. It's too spicy that you'll find it difficult to enjoy the noodles.

Gon* W Y from Rawang, Selangor

Posted 1 year ago

verified purchase

Too spicy for me

Better if it's less spicy

Ale******* X from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

Posted 1 year ago

verified purchase

Good &Healthy

Compare other product in the market.. this product is more healthier than others.

Sus** C from Subang Jaya , Selangor

Posted 1 year ago

verified purchase

Creamy White Curry Instant Vermicelli (90g x 4 sachets)

Nice but spicy.

Lim L P from Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Posted 1 year ago

verified purchase


Quite spicy btw.

LIE* S C from KUCHING, Sarawak

Posted 1 year ago

verified purchase

So so

The white curry is too strong for me.

Creamy White Curry Instant Vermicelli (90g x 4 sachets)

RM 14.9 (Save 25%)

RM 20

RM 14.90 RM 20.00
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