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Instant Eight Treasure Nourishing Dessert

Signature Market

Instant Eight Treasure Nourishing Dessert

(240g x 3 packs)
Retail : RM 32
Member : RM 14.9 (Save 53%)
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About This Product

Trying to cut down on sugary foods but have an insatiable sweet tooth? Or have the fluctuating temperatures got you feeling a little under the weather? With our Instant Eight Treasure Nourishing Dessert, you’re getting the best of both worlds with a delectably sweet dessert soup that comprises eight ingredients which boast distinct health benefits. Traditional Chinese dessert soups were generally consumed for the purpose of healing and nourishment, however, sourcing each ingredient individually isn’t just costly, it also takes a lot of time and effort to prepare, which is why we’ve prepared an instant version of this traditional favourite so you can easily have a bowlful of this nourishing dessert soup in a flash. Made from all-natural traditional Chinese ingredients such as coix seed, red dates and Semen Euryales, it’s naturally sweet without needing the aid of sweeteners and contains less calories than your average dessert.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Filtered Water, Thai Brown Rice, Red Beans, Mung Beans, Peanuts, Coix Seed, Lotus Nuts, Red Dates, Semen Euryales, Brown Cane Sugar.

Allergy Information
Contains peanut products.

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Cho* S F from Kedah, Kedah | Posted 3 months ago


Simple and convenient desert for me

It only takes a few minutes to serve, convenient and taste good

Instant Eight Treasure Nourishing Dessert (240g x 3 packs)
RM 14.90 RM 32.00
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