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Aromatic Pandan Instant Rice

Signature Market

Aromatic Pandan Instant Rice

(180g x 4 packs)
Retail : RM 25
Member : RM 15.9 (Save 36%)
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About This Product

For thousands of years, rice has been a staple food across many Asian cultures. The complex flavour notes and aromatic nuances of our dishes are best scarfed down with a piping hot bowl of fragrant white rice. But cooking rice can be time consuming, and you might wind up with a texture that more closely resembles that of porridge than that of light, fluffy rice. Fret not, our Aromatic Pandan Instant Rice isn’t just incredibly quick and easy to prepare, but you’ll also end up with perfectly cooked rice every time! Our premium-quality rice is locally sourced from Sekinchan, and is infused with the aromatic fragrance of 100% natural pandan extract. Say goodbye to mushy grains and tossing out leftover rice, because our Aromatic Pandan Instant Rice comes in individual portions that can be easily paired with a variety of our Signature Market instant meals for a satisfying feast!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Rice, Water, Salt, Natural Screwpine Leaf Extract (Pandan Leaf).

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Aromatic Pandan Instant Rice (180g x 4 packs)
RM 15.90 RM 25.00
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