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Premium Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum (天山雪菊)

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Premium Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum (天山雪菊)

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100% Natural, Vegan

about this product
County of Origin: Xinjiang Tianshan

Signature Snack Premium Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum has high blood pressure lowering, softening blood vessels, removing body waste, and achieving body fluid balance. It has special curative effect on coronary heart disease, hyperlipemia and diabetes.

Signature Snack Premium Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum has the effect of removing body waste, it is beneficial to eliminate fat and lose weight and detoxify beauty. Chinese medicine believes that wild chrysanthemum is cool, has the effect of dispelling wind and clearing heat, detoxification and swelling, and improving brain and eyesight. It has obvious effects on pneumonia, rhinitis, bronchitis, sore throat and so on.

Pure Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum.

Serving Instruction:
1- Put a proper amount of snow chrysanthemum (about 5 to 10pc) into tea pot or 350ml tumbler, then brew with boiling water.
2- Can be brewed many times, one to three times for about thirty seconds, four to six times about one minute.
3- Brewed with mineral water to keep the aroma of mountain snow chrysanthemum tea.

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