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Eyesight Enhancement Tea (双花明目茶)

Signature Market

Eyesight Enhancement Tea (双花明目茶)

(20g x 5sachets)
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About This Product

Facing a screen all the time can have detrimental effects on our eyesight. Screen-time, the stresses of driving, age and even environmental factors such as haze will all cause the condition of your eyes to deteriorate which is why Signature Market has developed our Eyesight Enhancement Tea to rescue your tired eyes. Made with a variety of known eyesight boosters, this traditional combination of edible flowers and herbs will nourish and restore the sparkle to your eyes and help keep them healthy. Our Eyesight Enhancement Tea is specially brewed with two different types of chrysanthemums which doesn’t just increase the potency of its effects but also lends the tea a calming chamomile-like scent to help you destress after a long day.

Country of Origin: China

What Does This Taste Like?
Mildly sweet with a chamomile-like fragrance.

Health Benefits
1. Cools down the body and helps in alleviating symptoms of fever or even colds.
2. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich properties help reduce eye dryness and pressure.
3. Boosts liver function. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is responsible for the condition of the eyes.
4. May aid in the treatment of bone disorders such as osteoporosis.
5. Contains several flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins and other trace elements that are beneficial for the body.

Usage Directions
1. Place herbal tea bag contents into a thermos flask/teapot.
2. Add 500ml of hot water.
3. Let the tea steep for 10-20 minutes before serving.

How To Consume
See usage directions.

Chrysanthemum Bud (胎菊), Goji Berry (枸杞), Rock Sugar (冰糖), Japanese Honeysuckle (金银花), Mulberry Leaf (桑叶).

Allergy Information
Pregnant women should get a physician’s advice before ingesting herbal teas and remedies.

Storage Instructions
Store in an airtight container or in its original resealable bag to maintain freshness. Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat.

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Eyesight Enhancement Tea (双花明目茶) (20g x 5sachets)
RM 19.90
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