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Molasses Calamansi With Sour Plum (黑糖酸梅金桔)


RRP: RM 29.9

Member : RM 15.9 (Save 46%)

About This Product

The ever-fickle Malaysian weather can take a toll on our health. One moment you’re sizzling in the scorching heat, and the next you’re scrambling for a jacket in freezing air-conditioned rooms. Not only has our climate got us parched and perspiring, it may even have us feeling a little under the weather. Whether it’s the heat, sore throats or just plain thirst, our Molasses Calamansi With Sour Plum will do the trick to cool your body off naturally without the use of preservatives and artificial additives. Traditional Chinese practitioners believe that this age-old preservation method of pickling the limes provides a greater effect when relieving coughs with excessive phlegm, regulating the body’s Qi, promoting better digestion and reducing body heatiness. To enjoy this beneficial beverage, simply steep one of two pieces in hot water with two teaspoons of brown sugar syrup before serving either hot or cold.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Dark Brown Sugar (黑糖), Calamansi (金桔), Sour Plum (酸梅), Salt (盐).

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Kum*** K T from Klang, Selangor

Posted 9 months ago

verified purchase

Healthy snacks

Signature healthy snacks are our fav

Kel** Y J C from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Posted 11 months ago


Taste good & good for sore throat

lee h e from Kota tinggi, Johor

Posted 1 year ago

verified purchase

molasses calamansi

too sweet

Nel*** l J s from Johor bahru, Johor

Posted 1 year ago

verified purchase

Drink of health

It's good for take this on the hot whether in Malaysia! Totally must try,love it!

Molasses Calamansi With Sour Plum (黑糖酸梅金桔) (235g)

RM 15.9 (Save 46%)

RM 29.9

RM 15.90 RM 29.90
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