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Taiwan Real Apple Chips

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Taiwan Real Apple Chips

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about this product
Origin of Country: Taiwan

Already get bored with your potato chips? Wanna have something healthier? This is the right time for you. Here's your chance to get a healthier choice rather than potato chips. Signature Snack Taiwan Real Apple Chips are 100% made in Taiwan following stringent quality rules without adding artificial pigments and preservatives.
Each recipe, flavor, quality, packaging and marketing of our products is taken as an integrated structural consideration.

Signature Snack Taiwan Real Apple Chips is made from natural apple to retain their natural vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in dietary fiber, the main source of fiber in your daily dietary intake. Processing without any artificial pigments and chemical preservatives, it is indeed a quality leisure snack.
Dehydrated apples also provide a source of vitamins that benefit your health. The apples contain very small amounts of other vitamins C and A, two nutrients that keep your skin and bones strong and healthy. They contain several B vitamins, which collectively support your metabolism and nourish your liver and skin.

Apple, Sugar, Palm Oil

Nutritional Information
Storage Direction
Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid from exposure to the sunlight or excessive heat. To ensure freshness after opening, keep box closed firmly.

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