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Ajwa Dates - Premier Choice

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Ajwa Dates - Premier Choice

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About This Product

Do you like your dates a little more - intense? No, not those romantic dates, we mean these deliciously soft and fruity Ajwa Dates! Famous for its naturally sweet, juicy and intense flavour as well as its softer texture, Ajwa dates are the premium variety often selected for gift-giving during Ramadan.
Dates have long been the must-have items particularly after a long period of fasting such as during the holy month of Ramadan. Consuming dates to break your fast is a great way to ensure you replenish your sugar levels and alleviate hunger pangs almost instantly so you don’t end up gorging yourself on too much food and causing a spike in blood sugar levels.

Country of Origin: Iran

Ajwa Dates.

It is advisable to peel open the dates and give it a quick rinse before consuming. We take pride in the fact that our dates are grown pesticide-free and do not undergo any chemical treatments. However, we also do not remove the pits to preserve the natural state of the fruit as much as possible. While we take the utmost care in packing, you may still encounter natural debris from insects or other natural contaminants.

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Ajwa Dates - Premier Choice (150g)
RM 23.00
No Longer Available