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Salted Egg Okra Chips

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Salted Egg Okra Chips

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About This Product

Healthy, savoury, crunchy - think you’ve tasted all the salted egg treats there was to taste and nothing will be as mind-blowing as salted egg fish skin? Think again. These Salted Egg Okra Chips will change your mind. Crisp and delicious, your taste buds will believe it’s the most sinful snack you’ve ever had but your body will know the difference.
At Signature Market we believe that healthy is the way to go so instead of frying our veggie chips, we opt for vacuum fried chips which are much healthier for you. Our chips contain no MSG, no preservatives and no artificial flavourings or colourings. Plus, it’s a great way to get more servings of veggies into your diet! It’s so good it may even convert an okra-hater into an okra snack monster, don’t believe us? Try it yourself and taste the difference now, you’ll never go back to regular potato chips again.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

What Does This Taste Like?
Savoury, crispy and not oily like regular salted egg chips. Subtle taste of okra with none of the sliminess.

Health Benefits
1. Low calorie snack as okra only provides 30 calories per 100g. Contains no saturated fats or cholesterol on its own.
2. Rich sources of dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins.
3. Contains vitamin A, flavonoid antioxidants such as beta-carotene, canthin and lutein. Also contains vitamin B6, thiamin, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium and vitamin K.

Usage Directions
Open packet and consume directly.

How To Consume
Open packet and consume.

Okra, Salted Egg Yolk, Non-Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Sugar, Salt, Curry Leaf, Red Chilli Flake.

Allergy Information

Storage Instructions
Store in an airtight container or in its original resealable bag to maintain freshness. Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat.

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