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Thin n Crisp Potato Chips (2 packs)

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Thin n Crisp Potato Chips (2 packs)

(2 x 100g)
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About This Product

Slender curves, golden brown skin, delicate and - crispy?! No, we’re not talking about a gorgeous gal here but we might as well be with our Thin n’ Crisp Potato Chips. Enticingly crispy and savoury russet potato chips, thinly cut (average thickness of only 2mm!) for a better mouthfeel and crunch, lightly drizzled in vegetable oil and salted then air fried for a less greasy chip - it just doesn’t get better than this.
Why should our Thin n’ Crisp Potato Chips be sitting in your kitchen or on your couch with you instead of common store-bought brands? Unlike most potato chips in the market, our Thin n’ Crisp Potato Chips contain no flour and are air fried to ensure that the amount of oil used to prepare it is greatly reduced. Plus, russet potatoes offer a far higher fibre content than regular white potatoes, so you can feel less guilty about eating our Thin n’ Crisp Potato Chips. If preservatives and potato fillers are your main concerns when munching away on a bag of potato chips, you can rest assured that our potato chips are made from all-natural, 100% fresh russet potatoes, no flour, no preservatives, no artificial flavourings. Don’t deprive yourself of potato chips when you can get them fresh, healthy and delicious right here. Just add our Thin n’ Crisp Potato Chips to your cart now and your movie nights will never be lonely again.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Russet Potato, Sea Salt, Palm Oil.

Storage Instructions
Store in an airtight container or in its original resealable bag to maintain freshness. Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat.

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