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Plant Origins Wooden Brush with Metal Bristles

Plant Origins

Plant Origins Wooden Brush with Metal Bristles

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Hair Care

About this product

Static, frizz, tangles, breakage, flatness - your hair deals with plenty of hurdles on its way to looking gorgeously coiffed but do you really have to put it through all that stress? Driven by the idea that your crowning glory deserves nothing but the best, we’ve developed the Plant Origins Wooden Comb With Metal Bristles, a simpler solution to better hair days.
Crafted using the finest quality lotus wood, rubber cushion bed and stainless steel pin bristles, the Plant Origins Wooden Brush With Metal Bristles is designed to make your hair care experience as smooth as silk. No frizz-inducing plastic, snagging on tangles or painfully sharp bristles here, instead, we’ve incorporated round-tipped stainless steel pin bristles that will gently massage your scalp as you brush without leaving behind any static. Scalp massages aren’t just great for relaxing, they actually help stimulate blood flow along your scalp which in turn ensures your hair follicles receive ample nutrition and oxygen to grow healthy hair. Wet or dry, this brush get down to untangling the worst of knots with minimal effort, particularly due to its lightweight but sturdy wooden handle. Add our Plant Origins Wooden Brush With Metal Bristles to your hair care arsenal now and brush your way to healthier, more lustrous hair!

Country of Origin: China

Product Specifications
Material: Stainless steel, rubber, lotus wood
Weight: 80g

Apply gentle pressure when first using it to test how it feels on your scalp. Adjust pressure accordingly when using.
Exercise caution when using it in tandem with a heat styling tools (hair dryer/ curling iron/ straightening iron) as metal bristles may heat up with prolonged exposure to heat.

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