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Salted Nori Seaweed Shrimp Crisps

Signature Market

Salted Nori Seaweed Shrimp Crisps

Retail : RM 20
Member : RM 14 (Save 30%)
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About This Product

Life’s hard enough, so we’re keeping it shrimple over here at Signature Market with our Salted Nori Seaweed Shrimp Crisps. Have your days been passing by in a bland haze of meals and snacks that just has you going “meh”? We feel you and that’s why we’re here to introduce some yummy umami into your life! Light and airy crisps with a delightfully satisfying crunch, the subtle sweetness of fresh sea shrimp combined with the savoury, brininess of real nori seaweed flakes, no preservatives, MSG, artificial colouring or flavouring - it’s shrimply the best and we’re not even being biased. We’re definitely not being shellfish with the ingredients either, so you can rest assured that you’re not chowing down on shrimp shells or heads but delicious prawn meat sourced directly from Kuala Sepetang, Perak!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Tapioca Starch, Prawn Meat, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Dried Seaweed, Salt, Water, Sugar.

Allergy Information
Contains shellfish products.

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Chi* Y L from Arau, Perlis | Posted 5 days ago


My mom told me this is the best

The portion is very little but the taste is superb

Sue L from Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur | Posted 2 weeks ago


First time order

Taste not too strong and saltish

Pri****** K from Kuching , Sarawak | Posted 3 weeks ago


Seaweed Shrimp Crisps

Nice and I love the crackers. My favourite too 😃

Ger****** L P from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur | Posted 2 months ago


Salted nori seaweed

Good product

Jac******* Q from Sibu, Sarawak | Posted 2 months ago


Should come in a jumbo bag!

Crisps are fresh and flavourful. Once you start, you cannot stop.

Lil*** L from Kuala Lumpur , Selangor | Posted 3 months ago


Delish Crisps

Really tasty crisps...can SignatureMarket package a bulk pack?????? thanks

Daw* B M F from Petaling Jaya , Selangor | Posted 3 months ago

Salted Nori Seaweed Shrimp Crisps

Love this satisfying, delish Japanese style of snack. Usually the Korean brands that I consumed makes my tummy bloated but this didn't. Awesome!

Pri****** K from Kuching , Sarawak | Posted 3 months ago



Yummy 😋

Thi** Y S from SHAH ALAM, Selangor | Posted 3 months ago


Nice to have in moderation

Taste-wise is delicious however need to have it in moderation as it made my throat very dry. The seaweed bits will stick to your hand and fly everywhere so be careful while opening the pack.

Jia C S from Raub, Pahang | Posted 4 months ago


Love it

Very delicious.

Salted Nori Seaweed Shrimp Crisps (60g)
RM 14.00 RM 20.00
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