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Fuwari Delight Taro Cake

(28g x 12 sachets)

Retail: RM 35

Member : RM 22.9 (Save 34%)

About This Product

Fuwari is an onomatopoeia for fluffy or floating in Japanese and we’re pretty sure that’s exactly what your taste buds will be feeling once you’ve had a bite of our taro-fic Fuwari Delight Taro Cake. This delicate dessert combines rich Japanese butter with the sweet nutty flavour of slow-cooked taro for delicate mouthfuls that will instantly whisk you away to cloud nine. Best of all, each tasty morsel contains absolutely no artificial flavouring or colouring. Instead, it uses real, locally-sourced taro that are carefully selected for the optimal sweetness and fluffiness and contains no egg so it’s vegetarian friendly! Each fluffy ball of filling is then carefully encased in a rich, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth pastry shell made from pure Japanese butter and meticulously moulded into shape with pastry-making techniques that have been handed down for generations. Ready for your taste of Japan? Get yours today!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Taro Filling, Wheat Flour, Margarine, Butter, Sugar, Milk Powder, Salt.

Allergy Information
Contains dairy and wheat containing gluten

3.8 out of 5

13 reviews

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Cla**** A L from Sandakan, Sabah

Posted 3 weeks ago

verified purchase

An ok snack

Not as yummy as the pineapple version and nothing special, just ok. Maybe taro fans would enjoy it more.

Mic***** L I from Gelugor, Penang

Posted 2 months ago

Not Bad

Soft and Buttery.. Nice try.

SHI**** Y from KUALA LUMPUR, Kuala Lumpur

Posted 5 months ago

verified purchase

Taro Cake

This product is not as nice as the pineapple. The taro filling was dry and hard. Would be more appealing if it is a bit moist n have the original "taro-ish or yam-mish" taste. Good try, nevertheless. Tq.

Kok Y N from Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

Posted 5 months ago


Cake taste quite nice, not overly sweet but just slightly dry. Texture is a bit inconsistent as some pieces had harder lumps of taro or custard I think but overall doesn’t impact the flavor. Though it’s a bit on the higher price, the packaging are pretty good as a gift.

Lee K W from Melaka City, Melaka

Posted 5 months ago

verified purchase

Fuwari Taro Cake

Fast delivery

Jim** V from Kuching, Sarawak

Posted 6 months ago

verified purchase


Love the taro taste, best quality

Mic***** L P W from Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Posted 8 months ago

verified purchase

Love it

The taro not to sweet and the cookie itself smell so nice. Perfect combi for me

Lai W from Puchong, Selangor

Posted 8 months ago

Fuwari delight Taro cake

So so only

Lai W from Puchong, Selangor

Posted 8 months ago

Fuwari delight Taro

So so only

Con*** C C C from Bintulu, Sarawak

Posted 9 months ago

verified purchase

Good Taro cake

Overall is good. You can smell and taste the taro when you consumed it. Outside layer also smooth and not dry at all. Just a little problem is the sweetness level is too high for me.

Jen** C from Johor Bahru , Johor

Posted 9 months ago

abit sweet

so so, prefer pineapple tart

Gun****** G from MASAI, Johor

Posted 9 months ago

verified purchase


Very nice, not to sweet.

Lau*** G from Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor

Posted 10 months ago

verified purchase

Super fragrant!

Never been a fan of SM's cookies/pastries but this taro cake was very well done. The volume is not much for the price but the taro filling is very taro-ey so I don't mind paying a bit more once in awhile. Only thing is the pastry is a bit on the crumblier side and I wish it was firmer. Other than that, 9.5/10! Worth trying at least once.

Fuwari Delight Taro Cake (28g x 12 sachets)

RM 22.9 (Save 34%)

RM 35

RM 22.90 RM 35.00

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