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Real Wasabi Potato Stick

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Real Wasabi Potato Stick

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about this snack
We are using the really potato and undergoes the vacuum fried process to produce it. Only the finest seasonal products are selected and processed with latest technology to ensure the freshness and flavour.

This light and crispy snack is the perfect on-the-go snack for everyone! It can also be dipped into cream cheese or salsa sauce or the mixture of both.

The vegetable crips undergoes the process of vacuum fried. Vacuum-frying is putting food into a machine that pressurizes and cooks it with the use of hot oil, but at much lower temperatures than traditional frying methods. At these temperatures the oil does not decompose so readily, so carcinogens are less present. During a low-heat/high-pressure fry, simple fruits and vegetables become superbly crisp and intense distillations of themselves. There are studies indicate that vacuum-frying retains more nutrients than traditional frying.

Ingredients:Potato, Wasabi Extract, Seaweed Powder, Sugar, Salt, Cooking Oil, Seafood Seasoning, Yeast.

Store in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

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