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Dried Passion Fruit Slice

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Dried Passion Fruit Slice

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About This Product

If there ever was a fruit that encapsulated the scent of a tropical summer, it would be the passion fruit. With its sunshiny golden pulp and sweet fruity fragrance, it’s the perfect addition to brighten your daily meals. A deliciously tart reservoir of vitamin A and C, passion fruits are also excellent sources of fibre. Passion fruits aren’t just low on the glycaemic index but they’re also capable of improving insulin sensitivity and metabolism, thus making it a suitable snack for individuals who are diabetic. Fun fact: passion fruits are rich in magnesium, an important mineral that is linked with decreased stress and anxiety. So the next time you feel stressed, grab a pack of Dried Passion Fruit Slice and munch away!

Country of Origin: China

What Does This Taste Like?
Sweet with a hint of tartness and a rather chewy texture.

Health Benefits
1. Rich in vitamin A and C which are essential for healthy skin, eyes and immune system.
2. Rich in antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals and improve blood flow to the brain and nervous system. May reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s and inflammation-induced issues.
3. Good source of fibre.
4. Low glycaemic index value and improves insulin sensitivity.
5. Supports heart health.
6. May help reduce stress and anxiety.

Usage Directions
Open packet and consume.

How To Consume
1. Open packet and consume directly.
2. Add to a bowl of milk/yoghurt and granola/oats/cereal for a healthy snack.
3. Top your acai bowl, dessert or salad with a chopped handful of Dried Passion Fruit Slices.

Dried Passion Fruit, Sugar.

Allergy Information
Individuals with latex allergies may want to avoid eating passion fruit as well.

Storage Instructions
Store in an airtight container or in its original resealable bag to maintain freshness. Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat.

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