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Plant Origins Loofah (Bath Sponge)

Plant Origins

Plant Origins Loofah (Bath Sponge)

(1 unit)
Retail : RM 10
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About This Product

Lather up, ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to get wet and sudsy with the Plant Origins Loofah. A soft mesh ball designed to help exfoliate skin and increase the bubbliness of your shower gel or soaps, a loofah is far from just being a cute shower accessory. Gently buff away dead skin, dirt, oil and grime to unveil radiant baby soft new skin and enjoy a luxuriously sudsy experience while you’re at it too.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Product Specifications
Material: Ribbon strap and PE mesh Weight: 60g

Apply gentle pressure when first using it to test how it feels on your skin. Adjust pressure accordingly when using. Thoroughly rinse after use. Hang it up to allow it to dry thoroughly to prevent bacteria/mould growth.

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Plant Origins Loofah (Bath Sponge) (1 unit)
RM 10.00
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