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Premier Harvest Sun Dried Blood Orange

Signature Market

Premier Harvest Sun Dried Blood Orange

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About This Product

Although the blood orange has a rather intimidating name, this dramatically-hued citrus is a great source of vitamins, particularly vitamin A and C. A rare find in supermarket fruit aisles, it has a flavour profile that’s a cross between a pomelo and tangerine with a hint of grapefruit - a unique citrussy sourness with a hint of bittersweet that is refreshing. Our Premier Harvest Sun Dried Blood Orange slices are dried naturally with no added sugar or artificial preservatives for a healthy fruit snack. Not a fan of eating it in its crisp, dried form? Add it to a glass of water to rehydrate it and voila - a nutritious thirst-quencher is ready in no time at all!

Country of Origin: Iran

Dried Blood Orange.

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Premier Harvest Sun Dried Blood Orange (100g)
RM 18.00
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