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Throat Soothing Herbal Tea (清热化痰止咳茶) FREE Multiflora Raw Honey

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Throat Soothing Herbal Tea (清热化痰止咳茶) FREE Multiflora Raw Honey

(2 items)
Retail : RM 50
Member : RM 17.9 (Save 64%)
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About Throat Soothing Herbal Tea (清热化痰止咳茶)

Bright, aromatic with a distinct floral fragrance, our Throat Soothing Herbal Tea is a cooling cuppa that helps clear heatiness and nourishes the lungs in order to alleviate sore throats and coughs. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that throat discomfort is typically caused by a Yin deficiency, internal damp heatiness or exposure to impurities in our external environment. The earthy sweetness of chrysanthemum buds and honeysuckle are infused with the natural, honey-like sweetness of monk fruit and licorice for a pleasant flavour that’s also brewing with health benefits! Our herbal tea contains absolutely no preservatives, sulfate or additives and is made from only all-natural, premium-quality ingredients which have been individually packed for optimal freshness and convenience.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Malva Nut (胖大海), Chrysanthemum (菊花), Honeysuckle (金银花), Dried Tangerine Peel (陈皮), Monk Fruit (罗汉果), Licorice (甘草).

Allergy Information
Most of the herbal ingredients used in this tea are cooling in nature. Not recommended for pregnant women, individuals who are suffering from cold flu, cold cough, cold body constitution or who are menstruating.

About Multiflora Raw Honey

Taste the essence of a thousand flowers with each spoonful of our Multiflora Raw Honey. Harvested from the untouched Indochinese forests, each drop of liquid gold presents your taste buds with subtle hints of a variety of scents which can be a rather unique experience as the bees forage nectar from a number of different flora. Our naturally-harvested wild honey is of superior quality and is 100% pure, unrefined and unheated to retain the optimum level of enzymes and nutrition. Naturally high in antioxidants and with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, raw honey has high nutritional value. Honey also contains beneficial enzymes that can help combat high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even help ease sore throats and coughs. Ready for a taste of Nature’s liquid gold? Try it with our squeeze bottle Multiflora Raw Honey free gift today!

Country of Origin: Indochina

Organic Raw Honey.

Allergy Information
Individuals who have a severe allergy to pollen may want to avoid consuming honey.

What's in the bundle?
  • Throat Soothing Herbal Tea (清热化痰止咳茶) (15g x 5 sachets)
  • Multiflora Raw Honey (100g)

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    Throat Soothing Herbal Tea (清热化痰止咳茶) FREE Multiflora Raw Honey (2 items)
    RM 17.90 RM 50.00
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