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Superior Pure Matcha Powder

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Superior Pure Matcha Powder

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Premium Quality, 100% Natural Pure matcha powder

Health Benefits of Matcha
Superior Pure Matcha Powder is natural tea with a bright emerald-green color. Matcha is made from high-quality young leaves of the tencha tree and kept away from light and oxygen to preserve its color and health benefits. Matcha beverage has survived this long because of the many health benefits it has to offer. Given that it is loaded with vitamin A, E, C and B-complex amongst many other crucial nutrients.

How to serve matcha powder
There are a lot of uses of matcha powder. You can use it to prepare the matcha spread for bread, matcha latte, bakery products or drink it as a tea. For making tea, you can put 3-5g of matcha powder and mix with water for consumption.

How to store matcha powder
Matcha is a very fine and delicate, it has mellow aroma and pleasant sweetness. On the other hand, it's quite "fragile" and will degrade over time. Matcha does not "spoilt" or "expired", it will only degrade and the taste become bitter and color turn brown, but you still can consume it. There are five important points for you to remember when store the matcha powder: Away from heat, Low humidity, In air tight container, No exposure to light and Away from strong smell.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Superior Matcha Powder

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