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Goodbye Fat Tea

Signature Market

Goodbye Fat Tea

(10 sachets)
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Infusion Tea, 100% Natural, Sugar Free

About this product
Are you always feeling fatigued and worn out even though you seem perfectly ok? Then you might be in a suboptimal health state! Click here if you wish to know more about suboptimal health state.

By fusing a healthy lifestyle & Chinese Medicine principles, Signature Market's Infusion Tea series are designed to relief certain health imperfections common to fellow Malaysians.

As each sachet can be infused in a bottle of water (1ℓ to 1.5ℓ) instead of a glass of water (300mℓ). Our infusion teas are highly suitable for DAILY CONSUMPTION and a good substitute to plain drinking water.

Product Description
Here's your chance to get rid of fats in a natural and healthy way. Say hello to our Goodbye Fat Tea for a healthy way of say goodbye to the fats!

Enjoy our natural tasting sweet and sour infusion tea daily to assist you to fight stubborn fat!

1. Breakdown Fats - natural enzymes to promote lipolysis that breakdown fats.
2. Increase Metabolism Rate - efficient fat burning.
3. Improve Digestion - stimulate excretion of spleen & bile juice.
4. Lower Cholesterol & Blood Pressure - contain natural acids to lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular system.

Serving Instruction
Steep a tea bag in 1ℓ to 1.5ℓ of hot water (adjust to own preference) for 5 minutes, serve & enjoy!
Chill the tea in fridge or adding ice to serve chilled.

Monk Fruit
French Rose
Ceylon Cinnamon

Store in cool & dry place, away from heat & direct sunlight.

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