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Tropic Fresh Coconut Water with Bentong Ginger

Signature Market

Tropic Fresh Coconut Water with Bentong Ginger

(20g x 10 sachets)
Retail : RM 26
Member : RM 16.9 (Save 35%)
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About This Product

What do you get when you add the spicy punch of Bentong ginger to naturally sweet coconut water? The answer is a super hydrating and refreshing thirst quencher that’s only 77kcal per serving! Coconut water has long been touted as a natural sports drink thanks to its cooling and hydrating nature as well as its rich store of minerals and electrolytes. But why stop at just plain ol’ coconut water when you can spice it up with a spicy hint of Bentong ginger, an ingredient which isn’t just antioxidant-rich but also anti-inflammatory in nature? Introducing our Tropic Fresh Coconut Water with Bentong Ginger, the tastiest all-natural, thirst quenching, fluid replenishing, preservative-free sports drink that’s just perfect for soothing sore muscles and rehydrating after a good, sweaty workout. Just a sip and you’ll realise why you never have to resort to additive-laden sports drinks ever again!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Coconut water, Sugar, Dextrose, Ginger Powder.

Buy 4 Rebate RM 5
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Nad*** A M from Setapak, Kuala Lumpur | Posted 1 month ago


Good to fight gas

The bentong ginger really help me to relieve from gas problem

Law***** H W S from Kuching, Sarawak | Posted 2 months ago


Coconut water with Ginger

Love this drink!

Azi** K from Petaling Jaya, Selangor | Posted 4 months ago



My first time ordering this and it tastes delicious.. I added cold water 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

BRI** S from KUCHING, Sarawak | Posted 5 months ago


worth the money

surprisingly good combination

Ail*** D from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur | Posted 6 months ago


Refreshing Ginger Coconut Water

Pleasant taste and soothing

Tropic Fresh Coconut Water with Bentong Ginger (20g x 10 sachets)
RM 16.90 RM 26.00
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