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Medium Roast Coffee Bean (Blend M) by Millilitre

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Medium Roast Coffee Bean (Blend M) by Millilitre

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Medium Roast Coffee Bean

about blend M
Blend M has a combination of Arabica and Robusta medium roasted coffee bean. It has the aroma and body that Malaysian love. A well balance of slight acidity at the start follow by woody and chocolate finish. If you prefer latte or cappuccino, this blend has a very distinctive nutty flavor. This coffee bean is roasted locally and is packed in small pack of 100g to maintain the freshness of the coffee bean.

about Millilittre
Instead of focusing on specialty of coffee which highlights the flavor of each bean, Millilitre focuses on blend that fits consumer preference. Millilitre are passionate to showcase Malaysian gourmet coffee to the world.

what this coffee blend taste like?
This blend has the "Kaw" (strong, bitter) most Malaysian are looking for but still a pleasant smooth acidity and smoothness.

Arabica Coffee Bean and Robusta Coffee Bean.

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