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Flatulence Alleviate Tea

Signature Market

Flatulence Alleviate Tea

(10 sachets)
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Infusion Tea, 100% Natural, Sugar Free

About this product
Are you always feeling fatigued and worn out even though you seem perfectly ok? Then you might be in a suboptimal health state! Click here if you wish to know more about suboptimal health state.

y fusing a healthy lifestyle & Chinese Medicine principles, Signature Market's Infusion Tea series are designed to relief certain health imperfections common to fellow Malaysians.

As each sachet can be infused in a bottle of water (1ℓ to 1.5ℓ) instead of a glass of water (300mℓ). Our infusion teas are highly suitable for DAILY CONSUMPTION and a good substitute to plain drinking water.

Product Description
Eat to live or live to eat? Either way, both ways may land you into having a bloated stomach and nobody likes that.

Signature Market's Flatulence Alleviate Tea will help you get rid of flatulence! Relieve your stomach discomfort easily with this tasty herbicious flavored natural infusion tea!

1. Alleviate Flatulence - reduces stomach flatulence discomfort.
2. Improve Gastrointestinal Function - improves digestion.

Serving Instruction
Steep a tea bag in 1ℓ to 1.5ℓ of hot water (adjust to own preference) for 5 minutes, serve & enjoy!
Chill the tea in fridge or adding ice to serve chilled.

Monk Fruit
Lotus Leaf
Dried Lemon
Dried Ginger
Ceylon Cinnamon

Store in cool & dry place, away from heat & direct sunlight.

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