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Wild Ginseng Vitality Tonic Soup (长白山人参益补汤)

Signature Market

Wild Ginseng Vitality Tonic Soup (长白山人参益补汤)

Retail : RM 37.75
Member : RM 16.9 (Save 55%)
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About This Product

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that the Qi is responsible for regulating body temperature by providing warmth, as well as stimulating overall growth and development of the human body. Changbai Mountain Ginseng contains the highest concentration of the active compound ginsenoside among all ginsengs, revitalising the primordial Qi, tonifying the spleen and nourishing the lungs. When decocted together with a host of other herbs, our Wild Ginseng Vitality Tonic Soup has a bitter earthiness complemented with the natural sweetness of scallops to bring you a fragrant and rejuvenating broth that greatly invigorates the Qi. Made from sulfate-free, premium quality herbs that improve metabolism, boost immunity and help combat fatigue and sickness.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Ginseng (人参), Radix Astragali (北芪), Scallops (干贝), Polygonatum Odoratum (玉竹), Wolfberry (枸杞子), Red Dates (红枣), Arillus Longan (龙眼)

Allergy Information
This product contains ginseng and shellfish. For individuals who are allergic or have an allergic constitution, this product may trigger allergy complications, it is recommended that consumers consult a medical professional before ingesting this product.

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Pha** Z L from Johor Bharu, Johor | Posted 2 months ago




Chi* w c from miri, Sarawak | Posted 3 months ago


The best

This the best and favourite

NUR** T B A G K from MIRI, Sarawak | Posted 4 months ago



Semua product signature tok best...recommended. Mun torg ngga gbr ya...saya ada molah surat pake signature..ngga cdak reply..aduiii CUTE lalu...hahaha sejok atie baca. Keep it up GUYS!

Lil* Y from Petaling Jaya, Selangor | Posted 6 months ago


Great value

Pleasantly surprised when I opened the pack. The ingredients are fresh and nicely proportioned.

Wild Ginseng Vitality Tonic Soup (长白山人参益补汤) (114g)
RM 16.90 RM 37.75
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