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Wild Four Herbal Mushroom Soup (四味野山菌菇汤)


RRP: RM 31.9

Member : RM 14.9 (Save 53%)

About This Product

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that a healthy and resilient body starts with a strong spleen and stomach, as they work together closely to transform food into food essence which is a source of Qi and blood, but how do you ensure your spleen and stomach get the tender loving care they need? This is where our Wild Four Herbal Mushroom Soup swoops in to save the day - and your health. The delicate sweetness of Camellia Mushroom and Lion’s Mane Mushroom is decocted with other traditional herbs to create a distinctly aromatic broth that strengthens the abdominal visceral muscles, thus improving digestion of essential vitamins and minerals in order to stimulate brain cell growth and aid with the harmonising of physical and emotional tension. Our herbal soup contains absolutely no preservatives or additives and is made from only all-natural, premium-quality ingredients which have been individually packed for optimal freshness and convenience.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Suitable For
Individuals who feel easily agitated and moody.

Dried Mutcho Dates (蜜枣), Arillus Longan (龙眼), Camellia Mushroom (茶花菇), Lion’s Mane Mushroom (猴头菇), Brazilian Mushroom (姬松茸), Cordyceps Flower (虫草花), Goji Berries (枸杞子).

Allergy Information
This soup contains four types of fungi. For individuals who are allergic to mushrooms or have an allergic constitution, this product may trigger allergy complications such as rashes, fever, difficulty in breathing or other symptoms. It is recommended that consumers with known mushroom allergies consult a medical professional before consuming this product.

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Fui y K from , Singapore

Posted 1 year ago

verified purchase

Wild Four Herbal Mushroom Soup

This is one of the item that goes to my repeat order list.

Wild Four Herbal Mushroom Soup (四味野山菌菇汤) (120g)

RM 14.9 (Save 53%)

RM 31.9

RM 14.90 RM 31.90

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