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Indochine Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Indochine Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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100% Pure Natural

about this product
Natural, High Quality, 100% Pure

Eucalyptus essential oil comes from fresh leaves of the eucalyptus tree. The tree, scientifically classified as Eucalyptus globulus is also known as blue gum. Notably, Eucalyptus is native to Australia. But , it has spread in the past few centuries to other parts of the world. Now it grows in Europe, India, and South Africa. Also, in more recent times, parts of SE Asia.

Many say that the Eucalyptus tree is one of the most useful trees in the world. It is a tall, water-loving tree. Also, Eucalyptus is one of the fastest growing trees in the world.

Medicinal Uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Due to the medicinal uses of eucalyptus oil, it is in a variety of over the counter drugs . For example, rubs, inhalers, liniments, rash creams. Also, it is in mouthwashes. Inhaling vapor made with the essential oil can provide relief from coughs. Also, using a rub containing eucalyptus oil will produce the same effect.

In fact, the Australian aborigines used eucalyptus leaves to treat wounds and prevent infection. These days, you can buy creams or ointments that contain eucalyptus oil. Also, these products are used on minor burns or other injuries. Some mouthwashes and toothpastes contain the essential oil as an active ingredient.

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus globulus
Plant part used: Leaves and lateral branches
Method of Extraction: Steam distilled
Colour: Colourless
Perfumery Note: Top

Know more about Indochine
We believe that the natural body care enjoyed by earlier generations should be available to us today, every day. This guiding principle brought together the two Indochine Natural founders. Ms Le Thanh Thuy, a Vietnamese fashion designer, and Dr Mike Thair, an Australian scientist. We both experienced skin irritations caused by conventional body care and home cleaning products. We were frustrated at the lack of synthetic-free and preservative-free products on the market. This frustration turned to motivation, and we started to produce our own products.

Our Quality
At our Penang production facility, we source essential oils from around the world. We guarantee customers the best quality. Therefore, all oils are personally selected and vetted by our Australian co-founder and Chief Formulator, Dr Mike Thair. He insists that all oils come with a Certificate of Analysis. Also required is a full Chromatographic profile. Also, an allergens analysis. Feel safe in the knowledge our oils are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

General Information
Improve your daily life and wellbeing with essential oils. And experience the natural benefits of our 100% pure essential oils. These can be used in many ways. Firstly, try combining them with an oil base for massage. Or, use in candles and room diffusers to create an ambience in your living spaces. Another use is include three to eight drops in your bath water, foot baths, room and linen sprays.

Another use is in creating personal perfumes. However, common these days are alcohol and synthetic based perfumes. These are “loud.” Consequently you can smell them coming from a great distance. They fill elevators, and overpower as you come near to department store cosmetics counters.

Because they are all-natural, essential oils are a better option to the more common synthetic fragrances. Use essential oils in a carrier oil to create subtle, intimate fragrances. Something that only you notice, or perhaps your sweetheart. Applied to the skin’s pulse points, the warmth of the body allows these luxurious perfume oils to radiate and evolve. Ideal for those who prefer a richer, more discreet scent without synthetics or alcohol.

Not to be taken internally. Do not use it undiluted on skin. Avoid during pregnancy. Store below 30 degree Celcius.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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