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Plant Origins Aromatherapy Starter Kit

Plant Origins

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Starter Kit

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100% Natural & Plant Based

About this product
To start you on your essential oil adventure, Plant Origins Aromatherapy Starter Kit will get you or your loved one on the way to a splendid aromatherapy experience. Our aromatherapy starter kit has everything you need to start your own aromatherapy collection. Each essential oil is uniquely scented and has amazing health benefits that range from uplifting your mood to boosting your immunity and helping you sleep. You will never be disappointed with the fragrance of any essential oil! The kit comes with 10 of our most popular essential oils and 500 ml aromatherapy diffuser. In addition, the kit also includes sweet almond carrier oil for making your own blends for a massage.

*subject to changes & while stock last*

This set includes:
Plant Origins Aromatherapy Diffuser (500ml)
Plant Origins Sweet Almond Carrier Oil (100ml)
Amber Glass Spray Bottle (50ml)
Plant Origins Bulgarian Lavender essential oil
Plant Origins Peppermint essential oil
Plant Origins Tea Tree essential oil
Plant Origins Lemon essential oil
Plant Origins Rosemary essential oil
Plant Origins Lemongrass essential oil
Plant Origins Blood Orange essential oil
Plant Origins Eucalyptus essential oil
Plant Origins Cedarwood essential oil
Plant Origins Pink Grapefruit essential oil

Inhalation Directions: Add few drops to diffuser or small pot of boiling water, inhale gently.
Topical Directions: Dilute by adding few drops into carrier oil or lotion before apply on skin.

Do not use undiluted on skin. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.
Consult physician before use if pregnant, nursing or under doctor's care.
Keep away from children.

Store in cool & dry place, away from heat & direct sunlight.

Special note:
*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, decorative items are not included.
*Gift Box contents may be substituted with similar items of equal value due to stock availability.

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Plant Origins Aromatherapy Starter Kit (13 units)
RM 350.00
No Longer Available