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Premium 55% Dark Chocolate Powder

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Premium 55% Dark Chocolate Powder

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About This Product

No other food describes the experience of first love better than dark chocolate. Bittersweet, warm and comfortingly rich with an aftertaste that lingers long after the rest of the drink is finished - dark chocolate as a beverage is both seductive and soothing but getting the right balance of bitter and sweet is a balancing act not many succeed at. Starting with an aromatic chocolatey aroma due to the 55% cocoa content to the last luscious sip, our Premium 55% Dark Chocolate Powder yields the most sinfully decadent cup of hot (or cold) chocolate you’ll find in the market. Showcasing a delicate balance of bittersweet paired with an intoxicatingly rich aroma of chocolate, it’s a taste you’re sure to fall in love with.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Non-dairy Creamer, Fructose, Chocolate Powder, Guar Gum.

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