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Quinoa Sze Shen Nourishing Drink (22 Fruits & Vegetables)

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Quinoa Sze Shen Nourishing Drink (22 Fruits & Vegetables)

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About This Product

What do you get when you combine the nourishing benefits of traditional Chinese herbs and wholesome quinoa? Our Quinoa Sze Shen Nourishing Drink!
Introducing the Quinoa Sze Shen Nourishing Drink, a hearty beverage made with the health of your stomach and spleen in mind. Made with 22 wholesome fruits and vegetables as well as four nutrient-rich Chinese traditional ingredients, it targets the root causes of weak spleens, digestive and immune systems with a nourishing combination of high fibre, prebiotics, protein, antioxidants and seaweed calcium which is easier for the body to absorb and essential for developing and maintaining healthy bones. What makes the Quinoa Sze Shen Nourishing Drink (22 Fruits and Vegetables) suitable for both young and old? Not only is it highly nutritious, it’s also lactose-free, contains no added sugar or preservatives and is vegetarian-friendly too! Add to cart today and enjoy a healthier you.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Organic Tricolour Quinoa (Red, Black, White), Lotus Seed, Chinese Yam, China Root, Coix Seed, Galactooligosaccharide (GOS), Seaweed Calcium, Oxxynea®.

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Quinoa Sze Shen Nourishing Drink (22 Fruits & Vegetables) (500g)
RM 40.00
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