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Roasted Pecan Nuts (Bulk Pack)

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Roasted Pecan Nuts (Bulk Pack)

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About This Product

Rich, buttery and sweet, pecan nuts are a favourite when it comes to pastries and other baked goodies but pecans pack a bigger nutrition punch than you think. Packed with polyphenol antioxidants, vitamin E, zinc, thiamine, zinc, manganese and copper, it makes for a wonderful snack to supplement your intake of these specific nutrients. The tiny pecan’s significant mineral content helps to regulate blood sugar, maintain healthy bones, aid iron absorption, keep blood vessels healthy, lower bad LDL cholesterol and form collagen which is essential for skin elasticity. Plus, pecans are naturally sweet despite containing very little sugar when compared to other types of nuts. This makes them great snacks on their own, but they’re also versatile enough to complement the flavours of fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, overnight oats/chia seed puddings and other baked goods.

Country of Origin: USA (California)

Pecan Nut.

Allergy Information
Nut products.

Roasted Pecan Nuts (Bulk Pack) (450g)
RM 75.00
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