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Cashew Cranberry Mix - New (Bulk Pack)

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Cashew Cranberry Mix - New (Bulk Pack)

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About This Product

Buttery, nutty and tart - cashews and cranberries are a match made in heaven for when you’re feeling snacky but don’t want something too sweet or too salty either. Just the right balance of tart and buttery to tease your taste buds, our all-new Cashew Cranberry Mix recipe is here to inject a dose of heart-healthy fats, vitamins and minerals into your diet! Made with an entirely new recipe consisting of more nuts and seeds (cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pecans) and an even more generous helping of cranberries, it’s the ideal healthy on-the-go snack for whenever you feel like indulging in your squirrelly side. Can’t get enough of these nuts? We hear you! Now you can get even more of your favourite nut mix to stock up on with our bulk pack option!

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Cranberry, Cashew, Raisin, Almond, Sunflower Seed, Walnut, Pecan.

Allergy Information
Contains nut products.

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