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Almonds in Shell

Signature Market

Almonds in Shell

Retail : RM 21
Member : RM 14 (Save 33%)
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About This Product

Although popping an already shelled nut straight into your mouth is convenient, nut-thing beats the enjoyment of cracking and devouring a nut fresh out of its shell, particularly when it’s one as deliciously smoky and salty-sweet as an almond roasted in its shell. That’s why we’re bringing you the freshest almonds you can possibly find short of picking them yourself, lightly seasoning them then roasting them to golden brown perfection - all while they’re still in their shells. Almonds aren’t just delicious, they’re also high in monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and good for helping to maintain a healthy heart. Savour the moment as you crack open each golden-brown shell and pop out the crunchy, salty-sweet almonds within. Don’t have a nutcracker lying around? No worries! Each nut already comes with a pre-cracked, so you can easily enjoy them with just a twist of the shell.

Country of Origin: California, USA

Almonds, Sugar, Salt, Corn Starch.

Allergy Information
Contains tree nuts.

Buy 3 Rebate RM6
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Kee S L from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur | Posted 4 weeks ago


Almonds in shell

It got a salty taste on the shell.

KU L K from Sibu, Sarawak | Posted 2 months ago


Fresh & crunchy

Nice & healthy almonds in shell, this is my second order already. Recommeded.

Mar*** O from Petaling Jaya, Selangor | Posted 3 months ago

I am a Snackaholic

I was once given almonds in shells as a gift and loved it so much that I have been looking for almonds in shells for the longest time in grocers and never found any. After becoming a member i saw the product n immediately bought to try. It didnt disappoint me at all so much so my repeat orders i think have been like 70 bags in total since July this yr. Please maintain the standard so i can repeat my orders ;-)

Suz***** Y from Kota Bharu, Kelantan | Posted 4 months ago


Delicious food

Worth buying.

Sit* N B M from Kuala Krai, Kelantan | Posted 4 months ago



Excellent service from seller and high-quality products

Asy**** A A from Cheras, Selangor | Posted 5 months ago


First time buying this type

Never try almond in shell before, not disappointed. Recommended

Ail*** M a R R from Kuching, Sarawak | Posted 8 months ago



Love it. Crunchy and fresh.

Mic***** W from Petaling Jaya, Selangor | Posted 8 months ago


Almonds in Shell

Albeit they are expiring in July, the nuts are still fresh and taste good. First time eating almond in shell. Yummy.

Azl**** from Kulim, Kedah | Posted 11 months ago


Almond in shell is delicious

Love the taste

LOW C W from muar, Johor | Posted 1 year ago



fast delivery, good taste

Almonds in Shell (220g)
RM 14.00 RM 21.00
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