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Avocado Honey Multigrain Smoothie Trial Kit

Signature Market

Avocado Honey Multigrain Smoothie Trial Kit

(30g x 2 sachets)
Retail : RM 17.6
Member : RM 12 (Save 31%)
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About This Product

Get everything you avo wanted in a smoothie with our Avocado Honey Multigrain Smoothie! A light and creamy avocado smoothie drink blended with the wholesome goodness of honey, oats, brown rice, spirulina and soy, it’s the perfect beverage to refuel your body. Our smoothie powder is made from real Australian avocados and other all-natural ingredients which include the superfood spirulina to give your body the nutrients it needs all in one delicious smoothie! It’s also rich in plant-based protein, fibre and heart-healthy beta-glucan in addition to being lactose free. Pre-packaged in individual sachets for ease of preparation, simply add water of milk of choice, stir and enjoy! Our Avocado Honey Multigrain Smoothie Trial Kit comes in a trial pack of two so you can try it twice just to be really sure you love it before you commit to purchasing a full pack.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Oat Powder, Isolated Soy Protein (ISP), Organic Soy Powder, Brown Rice, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Avocado Powder, Oat Beta-glucan, Calcium, Honey Powder, Spirulina.

Allergy Information
Contains soy products.

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Sue Q from Shah Alam, Selangor | Posted 3 weeks ago


Flavour is mild and tastes like spirulina , with a slight hint of honey and avocado . mildly sweetened which is good, unlike other commercial brands of spirulina drinks. Mixes well even with warm water.

Avocado Honey Multigrain Smoothie Trial Kit (30g x 2 sachets)
RM 12.00 RM 17.60
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