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[Buy 1 Free 1] Freeze-Dried Crunchy Fruity Nibbles (50g x 2)

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About This Product

Do your little ones turn their noses up at the sight of fruits? Many children are reluctant to try new food because of the way it feels or smells, because they are most likely afraid of the unfamiliar sensations rather than the way it tastes. If you’re dealing with a particularly picky eater at home, or simply looking to help your child explore new flavours and textures, our Freeze-Dried Crunchy Fruity Nibbles may just be the snack you need! Mindfully made for kids who aren’t getting enough fruits in their diets, this delectable treat comprises the sweet crunchiness of fibre- and vitamin-rich, freeze-dried fruits: bananas, strawberries, apples, yellow peaches and red dragon fruit, that are freshly plucked when in season then freeze-dried for the highest retention of nutrients while also prolonging its shelf life without the use of artificial additives.

Country of Origin: China

Bananas, Strawberries, Apples, Yellow Peaches, Red Dragon Fruit, Sugar.

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  • Freeze-Dried Crunchy Fruity Nibbles (50g x 2)

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    [Buy 1 Free 1] Freeze-Dried Crunchy Fruity Nibbles (50g x 2) (2 items)

    RM 13 (Save 100%)

    RM 66

    RM 13.00 RM 66.00

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